Right now, President Trump is deciding whether or not to pull America out of the UN’s terrible Paris Agreement on climate change.  Here are some reasons he should do so immediately:


  • President Obama signed the UN “agreement” bypassing the constitutional requirement to seek the “advice and consent” of the Senate despite it possessing all the hallmarks of a “treaty.”
  • President Trump made a campaign promise to “cancel” the UN Paris climate agreement.
  • The computer models relied upon by the UN continually project a warmer climate than real-world observations record.
  • Even if the UN were correct about how much warming comes from carbon dioxide, implementing all provisions of the Paris Agreement would reduce global temperature by only one-third of a degree Fahrenheit by 2100 at a cost of nearly $1 trillion per year from 2030 through the end of the century.
  • The agreement ensures unfair and disparate impacts by committing the U.S. to reduce its carbon emissions by nearly 30% below 2005 levels while emissions from major world economies such as China’s and India’s will continue to grow at a rate rendering any U.S. reductions inconsequential.
  • Financial transfers to the UN climate process and the $100 billion Green Climate Fund represent a massive waste of taxpayer funds and an open door to corruption.


We call upon President Trump to honor his campaign promise and withdraw the United States from the unfair, economically destructive, and environmentally ineffective UN Paris climate agreement.

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